Welcome to the world of toys and merchandise! If you have an idea that needs to be rendered as a 3D print, but you don't have the skills to design 3D objects for print. No worries, we have a 3D modeling offer for you to get an expert modeler to work on your project.

In House 3D Modeling Offer

With Zozer's Digital Services you get the chance to experience masterfully rendered 3D Digital Sculpts and Models. Choose high or low-poly rendering your model, it can be extremely detailed or simple yet playful.

Here is how we can get your 3D model creation started:

  • send us one of the following image formats .jpeg, .bitmap, .tiff to info@zozerla.com
  • or perhaps customize it from a library of stock 3D models by increasing the polygon count, altering the texture, proportions, etc. to get an original 3D model built based on your specifications.